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RPA Use Cases

Accounts Payable Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is delivering direct profitability while improving accuracy in manual repetitive tasks. Accounts Payable sub-processes like Invoice Receipt & Data Entry, Invoice Matching, Payments, Helpdesk & Issue Resolution, Supplier Master Data Management and others have shown significant cost savings.

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Accounts Receivable Automation

RPA in Account Receivables drive home higher profitability and gains in accuracy. AR sub-processes like Customer Master Data Management, Credit Check, Order Management, Manual Billing and others are automated extensively by organizations across the world helping them achieve a better bottom line.

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GL Automation

RPA Technologies are also being extensively used in GL sub-processes like Master Data Management, Fixed Assets, Bank Reconciliation, Inter company transactions, Journal Posting, Consolidations, Balance Sheet Reconciliation and Management Reporting.

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AI & ML Use Cases

AI Chatbots

Chatbots are becoming more intelligent every day. Apart from answering standard questions, they are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to keep building on a multitude of intents, actions, utterances and workflows. They can be textual or voice chats using speech-to-text-
speech translations. There can be various parameters for voice controls. From technical/customer support, travel concierge, intelligent search to myriad customer facing bots, they are everywhere. We can help you build your next artificially intelligent chat bot.

Video Analytics

Video Surveillance cameras are everywhere and large amounts of video footage are captured and stored for posterity, till some event is reported. Advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning can help monitor these surveillance videos real-time by machines and create alerts for unusual and unacceptable behavior as they happen.

Entity and Relationship Resolution

AI & ML can help disambiguate entities and resolve relatonships. In one case, it helped disambiguate author names (AND) and institute names (IND) based on a set of criteria with weightages assigned dynamically using neural models. Was also used to rank authors and institutions and to build a relationship network. There are many more possibilities

Digital Marketing Offerings

Digital Marketing Audit

Are you wondering if you are spending Money, Time and Energy on the right resources and channels for the best Outcomes? Get a Digital Marketing Audit done. We help companies Audit their Strategy, Technology, Process, Presence, Content, Channels, Analytics, Conversion, Competitors, Resources and Agencies.

Generate Demand

Use digital marketing channels and platforms to identify and target your audience to generate demand. For this we have a wide range of services like LinkedIn Connect, Advertisement on LinkedIn, FB, Google and also organic methods like SEO, Pulse Blogging, Group Participation and many more. Generating demand through digital marketing is targeted and effective, hence more and more organizations are leveraging this channel.

Be Visible, Stay Engaged

Organizations use social media channels to stay in touch with their customers and prospects, create a position of thought leadership and build value for their brand. For that it is important to listen, analyze and act. We help companies create a well-defined digital marketing strategy, act on that plan, measure and analyze the impact and reorient for better outcomes.