Digital Marketing for

CXOs in B2B

One very wise man once told me – “Management is about taking out excuses”.  So the next time your Digital Marketing Head and his team of SEO, Content and Media Management team throws jargon at you and takes you through a maze of numbers to explain why your initiatives are not performing at par with those of your competitors, be prepared with a simplistic target and measurement criteria. With these you can build the right team, give them realistic targets and help them navigate their self created maze of numbers. To be fair, not every young person in your digital team is expected to understand the CEO’s perspective, it is your role to break it down into achievable and measurable targets.

For a successful digital marketing engine, a company needs to have the right team, define their objectives, choose the right channels / platforms, define and design the right campaigns, measure and improve execution / results.

We offer the following services in digital marketing:

CXO coaching on Digital Marketing:

In this, we conduct exclusive or shared sessions for CXO-s to help understand different aspects of digital marketing, expected outcomes, skill requirements and available channels. Spread over 6 or 10 sessions (depending on planned package), we take CXO-s through actual implementation of Digital Marketing capabilities in their organization.

Digital Marketing Implementation:
As a part of this service we assist organizations put their digital marketing team, tools and processes in action.
A key part of digital marketing capabilities is to have the right team. A typical digital marketing team will require skills like strategy, management, content development, design, programming, media buying, search optimization, search marketing, social media marketing and reporting. Usually all these skills are not required full time nor all these skills come with the same individual. This service spans usually over 6-8 months where we provide the following services:

1. Organization definition
2. KPA for organization and individual roles
3. Recommendation on which roles to keep in-house and what to source from external sources
4. Creating JD-s and performance metrics for each role
5. Hiring with interview assistance
6. Make team work as an unit
As a part of the service we provide a Temporary Chief Digital Marketing Officer who builds and runs this team before handing over to another person in the organization, either newly hired or existing.

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