Robots can automate your Vendor Master Data Management

Here is an use case of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) relevant for pretty much all companies with a large number of Vendors. For example, a manufacturing company, maybe in the automotive sector. The company can be a large component manufacturer or maybe the final car/two-wheeler/vehicle manufacturer.

Think of the manual processes in Vendor on-boarding where the company needs to perform several pre-checks, like taxation ID-s validation, statutory license validation, banking details validation like IBAN etc. The list is long and gets longer when it comes to businesses across geographies and jurisdictions. And then the vendor validation needs to happen in the jurisdiction specific framework in an ERP like SAP. Like all manual processes, it can be time consuming, error-prone, training intensive with high impact of delays and errors.

Say you want to bring in a robot to do these for you.

With today’s RPA tools, you can just do that. A robot can extract data from any Vendor registration / Service provider tool, validate Tax ID-s, Bank Codes etc. and check for duplicates in the ERP’s tables like SAP FIP. The robot also can handle vendor creation, changes, blocks and extensions in SAP FIP following country-specific rules (European and non-European). All the manual processes can be automated by a bot that takes no leaves, works all shifts, makes no errors and learns by knowing only once.

If you use a RPA tool for a vendor management process (the above example is just one of the various manual processes those go on), typical benefits you can expect are significant productivity gains, greater effectiveness, reduced  volume of rework and significant decrease in manual intervention.

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